What We Do


Red Sky Studios exists to be the ultimate destination for finishing feature films, television shows, and commercials. We benefit from having some of the best talent in the industry and can excel in fully finishing a project. Whether it is editorial, visual effects, sound design, or color correction, we can make sure projects are finished with excellence, on time, and at high value to our clients. We seek to always give each and every client a "family" and "A-Team" experience. All of our artists are top-notch and we want people to feel comfortable and confident that all details will be address - both artistic and technical.

Let us help you find the crew, equipment, and services you need.  Give us a call at 205.718.7246 or email us Info@RedSkyFilmStudios.com



  • Cinematography

  • Camera Operating

  • Videography

  • Digital Imaging Technician

  • Assistant Camera Operating

  • Camera & Audio Rentals

  • Production Accounting

  • Production Managing

  • Sound Mixing & Recording

Post Production

  • Editorial

  • Visual Effects

  • Sound Design

  • Color Grading

  • Graphic Design

  • Motion Graphics

  • Studio Deliverables

  • International M&E Mixes

  • DCP Creation