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The passion of Red Sky Studios is to create high quality productions that meet the vision and needs of our clients. We execute our job from raw concept to final deliverable with professionalism and consistency. We entertain and engage audiences by bringing stories to life.  

Our reputation is credited to our people.  Being made up of the most talented, creative, and technical production teams, we are able to combine multiple services under one roof from concept to finish on time, on budget, and with excellence.  We are constantly striving to maintain a perfect balance between artistic freedom and technical excellence. Our team creates a workflow and experience that is as unique as each production.

Our operations are structured to maximize efficiency, accessibility and communication to support and propel the creativity of our clients. Red Sky Studios is proud to be able to provide high quality production services that can be catered to your budget.

Let us help you take your story from ideation to red carpet premiere!


Red Sky Studios provided Sound Design, DCP and DVD/BluRay Deliverables for this movie.  Check it out in theaters!  Steve McQueen: American Icon






Red Sky Studios uses Avid, Premiere, and Final Cut as tools for editing. However, it is our superior editors that are really our greatest asset.  

These artists diverse training spans from feature film and documentary editing to editing music videos, TV spots, movie trailers, motion graphics, and corporate videos, as well as journalism, live events, experiential design, and reality TV. 

Our creative diversity allows Red Sky Studios to select the ideal editor based on the project’s specific objectives, constraints, and creative aspirations. The editorial for a project provides the core foundational story, and it is critical to get this right - the first time.  



As Sound Designers, our job is to make the sound come alive and reinforce what’s happening in the scene.  

Dialogue is at the center of any project.  Being able to clearly hear and understand the words being spoken is key.  Our Dialogue Editors are critical in providing a solid foundation for the rest of the soundscape.  After solidifying the Dialogue, the sound canvases of music and sound effects are added to maximize the visual and storyline impact.

We utilize our custom Avid Pro Tools suite to design sound for feature films, television, web videos, corporate videos, documentaries, live events, and more.



At Red Sky Studios, we create Visual Effects to expand the imaginative possibilities of storytelling through our convincing and compelling work.  

Our Post-Production team sets themselves apart by combining the latest cutting-edge software with creative talent. The artists are trained on, and excel in Maya, Fusion, 3D Equalizer, and After Effects.

Creating Visual Effects like digital matte paintings, set extensions, digital crowds, and computer-generated characters, enhances the filmed reality and is presented seamlessly to the viewer. Other Visual Effects we generate, such as Rotoscoping and 3-D animation, creates a realm of excitement by complementing live action with fantasy.



Red Sky Studios video finishing services are the last step before final delivery. Color grading and correction are key components to making your project visuals feel cohesive. 

Adjusting your video’s color as a whole is just the beginning. Our artists also focus on specific issues such as removing or adding shadows. Before completing the project, we manipulate the colors to maintain visual continuity.

Through understanding your vision, the staff at Red Sky Studios establishes a uniform tone of brightening, saturating, and modifying colors. By using DaVinci resolve, our staff creates videos that will flawlessly display your dream.


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